Here are 8 ways to observe No Brainer Day. No Brainer Day is one of those made up days that makes its way into the long list of mental health days each year. The founder of this day,  Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith suggested that one should stay calm and not stress about things.  One article about the day says, “most things are simple and that many problems we encounter daily have obvious and easy solutions.”  For those that struggle with mental health concerns, being to calm down and not stress is probably one of the worst suggestions someone can give.  Like we suggest in our R.A.N.G.E. of Resilience, we should try to recognize the good here.   Because this day was most likely created with the best of intentions. So here are a few suggestions about how we can focus on some simple things that might reduce stress in our lives…

Follow a recipe

Cookbooks take the guesswork out of cooking.  Take some time on No Brainer Day to break out a favorite recipe and just follow instructions.  You may have the weight of the world on your shoulders but you still need to eat.  Once you’re done share it with friends and family and get lost in the conversation.

Clip your nails

When you’re clipping your nails or plucking stray eyebrow hairs you tend to be mindful and in the moment – right? Focused… In the spirit of the day, this simple task that needs to be done anyway is a great way to focus, if only for a couple minutes on a very simple, but important task.

Go on a cleaning binge

Mot of us have had that moment where we’re completely immersed in a good cleaning binge.  That sort of cleaning where you break out a toothpick to get the last speck of dust.  Use this time to put on your best playlist and go to town.  Maybe it’s cleaning the fridge or organizing your CD collection (admit it – you still have one)… Being mindful in this moment could be exactly whet you need and when you’re all done – you can look back at what you’ve accomplished. 

Color in a coloring book

Whether you print them for free online (link) or purchase them from your favorite bookstore, there are plenty of places to find mindful coloring pages.  This carefree activity is a great way to get lost in the moment and just focus on a simple task – one you’ve being doing most of your life.  It gives you chance to be creative and at the same time.

Read a book

If you can get lost in reading, No Brainer Day is a great day to do it!  Whether you’re re reading a classic or starting an adventure with a new series this timeless past time is a good way to spend a day.

Binge watch that show

Maybe reading isn’t your thing.  There are plenty of things to watch on your favorite streaming service.  Consider a stimulating documentary about something that interests you or maybe catch up on that show that everyone is talking about. 

Get up and move!

You know that exercise had to make this list.  If you’re a gym junkie this is a no brainer 😊. But for those that aren’t, consider taking a longer than normal walk or just do some pushups.  Sign up for a yoga workshop or get back into jiujitsu. Whatever your choice, this physical activity should be the sort of thing that feels natural to you and requires little or no thought.

Get your car serviced

Last but not least, get your oil changed or brakes serviced.  Maybe you can do it yourself without stressing.  For most of us these little things like changing wiper blades add up and become stressors we don’t even realize we have until they’re off our plates. 

Bottom line – your “No Brainer Day” activity may not be on this list.  The real question is, what’s the most simple step you can take right now to move yourself from concern to influence? It starts with one small step and can have a massive impact on our overall health and well being.