EP 10: Dr. Theresa Larson and Podcast Host Jon Macaskill- Calm the Mind, Heal the Body #BT1R

by | Mar 1, 2022 | PODCAST

On this episode of Beyond the 1st Response Robyn and Christy discuss the movement experience with Dr. T (Theresa Larson)  and ‘Men Talking Mindfully Podcast’ co-host Jon Macaskill. MRx was developed as a way to bring your mind and body together as one to create an organic approach to healing from past and present traumas. 


After four years in the United States Marine Corps and playing professional softball, Dr. T.  began a career in physical therapy. However, she quickly realized traditional PT didn’t satisfy her desire to incorporate the whole body and mind. With this in mind, she set off on her own to start MRx, a mindfulness movement that also allowed her to build work around her personal life with her family. 

Mindfulness & Movement Experience (M2)

After meeting Jon Macaskill, a retired Navy Seal turned mindful meditation instructor (among other things,) they bonded over their shared passion for finding a more holistic means to overcoming one’s traumas. The Mindfulness & Movement Experience is taught to First Responders and their respective departments. Once the course is completed the participants then begin a 21-day challenge which forces accountability until the training becomes a life habit. 

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