EP 23: Jim Marshall – Just Roll With It #BT1R

by | Aug 15, 2022 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Robyn talk with Jim Marshall, CEO of 911 Training Institute

Just Jump Right In

Jim Marshall has a fantastic insight into what is happening inside our heads. With a Masters in Psychology and years of counseling couples under his belt, he began to focus on dispatcher wellness along with his sister Deborah, a retired dispatcher. Together they identified a training gap on how to keep themselves grounded after the 911 calls pile up.

Word To The Wise

  • Humans are a special breed and are designed to avoid emotional pain, NOT just physical pain
  • PTSD is treatable and you can heal from it
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • You don’t have to limp along fighting through PTSD
  • You did the best you could with what you learned at the time
  • Resolution of trauma doesn’t mean you won’t have a return of trauma. It does  mean you will feel it through your body as you release it. 

Life Changing

Through tragedy, we often learn who we are and what we are capable of doing. Talking about what we have been through is a gift to our first responders and their families. Inviting people to open up to their family in a way that sets boundaries yet helps you process the events of the day is life-changing. 

Who Are Your Go-To’s

  • Understand that they will not always come to you and open up about everything
  • Have a system in place to know when they walk through the door. Example: How was your day 1-10?
  • Don’t want to talk to me; let’s take a walk, but I am holding your hand.
  • If not me, then who? Tell your partner at home the list of people you are willing to go to and talk about it.

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