EP 25: Tracy Vitalo-Harwell – Shift That Space #BT1R

by | Sep 12, 2022 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Robyn talk to Tracy Vitalo-Harwell CPH-T, from Inspired Change Hypnosis and Coaching about how hypnosis can “shift that space” and how it helps first responders.

What Happened To You When You Were A Child?

It doesn’t start when you become a first responder. That changes you, yes. The true question is, what happened to you when you were a child? The root of most struggles is what happened earlier in life. We become angry, and start holding on to the hurt, disappointment, and failure as if it’s the last life jacket. Sit here for a minute… it’s not what you do wrong. Now, breathe… life happens to us, we are just along for the ride. 

Here’s A Tissue

Tracy explains that those of us who are Generation X and older were taught to suck it up, not talk about it, and hide it under a rug. Then, just brush the dirt off and move on. Is this why we don’t open up about feelings? The word feeling is an emotional state or reaction. There are 135 words to describe feelings, yet we only use a few of them and they are usually the society-accepting words we think we are feeling in the heat of the moment. So here is a tissue, use it when you are ready.

The Body Keeps Score

Changing the mindset is hard. The good news is that we can be taught the tools to do it ourselves. Let’s face it, if we don’t start changing our mindset it will be our body that does it for us. The body keeps a tally of the years you have self-sabotaged yourself. So if things don’t change the dis – ease in the body will cause your disease.

Healing of the Internal Space

Hypnosis is taught to you via someone guiding you. However, you are the one running the show. It’s up to you whether you are ready to deal with the wounds of the past and present. 90% of your emotional mind is done self- consciously, which leaves only 10% for someone else to help you. 

We Are People Who Like To Hold Onto Self-Judgment

We as humans have this superpower of holding onto things that we should have let go of a long time ago. The internal judge or bully doesn’t let you forget this stuff. It waits until you are in dis-ease and then bam hits you over the head. The tool that Tracy Vitalo-Harwell and other hypnosis therapists and coaches give us is learning to take that inner peace back. Even if we don’t think we have it, it’s there waiting inside.  

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