EP 36: Jillian Bass – Find the Positive

by | Mar 7, 2023 | PODCAST

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy talks with Jillian Bass, a radio host for Star 96.7 Fm. Jillian experienced an event that opened her up to understand that mental wellness is a top priority and has created a platform on her midday show for all her listeners.


After a night baseball game at the local community park, life changed instantly. “Hide behind the porta potty, get down, get down!” Bass remembers screaming.  Plainfield, Illinois the typical American suburban community, it happened. Leaving the fields after the game, they stepped foot on the parking lot where shots rang out. At first, not realizing what was happening, they realized, there was a gunfight in the parking full of children and families. Once in the car, they realized that a male victim lay deceased next to his car. 

PTSD and Therapy

Silently suffering for months, Jillian realized it needed to change. It wasn’t normal to isolate herself anymore. Months after, she began to go to therapy. Processing not only what she experienced but was provided tools, to help her when the triggers come around. Resiliency can happen every day. 

Mental Wellness 

Imagine, listening to something positive every day! The importance of making the conversation normal and finding a positive even through a negative event is life-changing. Hitting the airways with Mind health Mondays and a feel-good story every day is helping someone, somewhere, each day. 

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