Provider Readiness

Professionals, Partnership, and Prevention 

Those who work in the mental health field may be called to assist with First Responders who are managing mental health changes associated with normal life events and/or critical incidents associated with their career.  These changes may affect personal and professional performance.  First Responders are a guarded group, and the culture often instills the idea of self-reliance and strength. This creates a challenge for those outside the field attempting to offer aid.  This course will offer an introduction to First Responder culture and how it affects the individual, provides specific examples of events that commonly challenge first responders, and offers actions steps to being accepted within an organization and by its members.


  • Differentiate first responder cultures from the culture of other professions.

  • Identify and discuss unique aspects of first responder trauma and stress.


  • Identify three methods of partnering with local agencies

PREVENTION– R.A.N.G.E. of Options 

  • Introduce First Responders to the five RANGE Resilience Skills.