First H.E.L.P. Training

3P Ready Workshop Series

The First H.E.L.P. Readiness program is designed to instruct students from varying backgrounds on the topics of stress and the possible physical and psychological effects on the members of the first responder community.

Four Courses

The First H.E.L.P. #ResponderReadiness Workshop Series offers insight into the mindset of first responders, the common mental tools used to ensure high performance when facing extreme stress, and how those same tools can be detrimental to physical and mental health when functioning outside a high-risk environment.  The program consists of four student focused courses designed to develop the knowledge and understanding of the learner.  Some sections of these courses will enable the learner to apply skills introduced during the lesson plan.

Responder Readiness:

Performance, Persistence, and Prevention 

First responders work in a world that is filled with hours of calm and moments of chaos.  Couple this with everyday factors that touch our lives, and it is possible to lose our sense of purpose and drive.  This course will focus on understanding physiological and psychological effects of stress and job-related trauma on the body and identify tools that can increase long term protective factors and optimize human performance under stress.

Supervisor Readiness:

People, Policy, and Prevention

Those who supervise first responders lead individuals in high stakes fields who are managing both cumulative and acute stressors.  This course will explain why the mental and physical health of agency personnel should be a high priority for all agencies, addresses development of supporting resources and discusses policy considerations.

Family Readiness:

Preparation, Partnerships, and Prevention

The families of first responders often seek to find balance between home and the job, which is challenged by the nature of the work.  This course will focus on ensuring families understand how first responder culture may affect their loved one, help them identify resources available, and assist with developing a readiness plan for the family.

Provider Readiness:

Professionals, Partnership., Prevention

Those who work in the mental health field may be called to assist with First Responders who are managing mental health changes associated with normal life events and/or critical incidents associated with their career.  These changes may affect personal and professional performance.  First Responders are a guarded group, and the culture often instills the idea of self-reliance and strength. This creates a challenge for those outside the field attempting to offer aid.  This course will offer an introduction to First Responder culture and how it affects the individual, provides specific examples of events that commonly challenge first responders, and offers actions steps to being accepted within an organization and by its members.

3P Readiness Train the Trainer:

This course will prepare the instructor to teach the 3P training courses to their agency members and family.  All applicants must meet the requirements to be an instructor based on state standards and must attend one of each 3P program before the Train the Trainer course.