Family Readiness

Preparation, Partnership, and Prevention 

4-Hour Instructor Led Facilitated Workshop 

All families need to find balance between home and work.  For First Responder families this is challenged even more by the nature of the work. This course will focus on ensuring families understand how first responder culture may affect their loved one, help them identify resources available, and assist with developing a readiness plan for the family.  

 In this four-hour workshop participants will engage in meaningful conversations about the stressful and often traumatic life of a first responder.  Participants should expect to leave the workshop with a better understanding of how stress and trauma affect first responder families be equipped with techniques to build resilience and initiate difficult conversations. 


  • Differentiate first responder cultures from other professions.
  • Recognize the effects of stress.


  • Identifyat least fiveresourcesfor officersin your agency.


  • Cultivate family resilience by applying RANGE Resilience.
  • Develop a family readiness plan.