Responder Readiness

Performance, Persistence, and Prevention 

Course Description

First responders work in a world that is filled with hours of calm and moments of chaos.  Couple this with everyday factors that touch our lives, and it is possible to lose our sense of purpose and drive.  This course will focus on understanding physiological and psychological effects of stress and job-related trauma on the body and identify tools that can increase long term protective factors and optimize human performance under stress


Objective 1: Differentiate between two types of stress. 

Objective 2: Recognize the effects of stress on physical and mental performance. 


Objective 3: Initiate an #IWillListen / #IWillTalk conversation  

Objective 4: Identify at least five resources that first responders in your agency can turn to for help. 


Objective 5: Select an appropriate real-time resilience skill to manage acute stress. 

Objective 6: Cultivate resilience by applying five Resilience Skills on a regular basis.