Supervisor Readiness

People, Policy, and Prevention

Those who supervise first responderslead individuals in high stakes fields who are managing both cumulative and acute stressors.  This course will explain why the mental and physical health of agency personnel should be a high priorityfor all agencies, addresses development of supporting resources and discusses policy considerations.

In this four-hour workshop facilitated by an experienced first responder supervisor, participants will engage in meaningful conversations about the stressful and often traumatic life of a first responder.  Participants should expect to leave the workshop with a better understanding of how stress and trauma affect first responder performance and be equipped with techniques to build resilience and initiate difficult conversations. 


  • Discuss the Mental Health Stigma.
  • Recognize the effects of stress on employees.
  • Discuss family readiness networks.


  • Discuss agency mental health / wellness policies.


  • Initiate an #IWillListen Conversation with an Employee
  • Conduct Wellness Checks at After Action Reviews / Debriefs