Law Enforcement Trauma and Stress

Mike is experiencing a rapidly evolving mental health crisis. The cumulative stress and trauma from the job and his time in the military is catching up with him and affecting his marriage and his on-the-job performance. Along the way Mike and and his wife Katheryn will confront stereotypes and the mental health stigma in the law enforcement profession. Ultimately, they both learn to use time tested resilience/wellness practices and how to ask for help. Katheryn also practices resilience and wellness skills, and she learns how to fight compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma but not without the help of his agency’s Peer Support Specialist, Charlie and his professional counselor, Aaron.


The Mental Health Provider

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The Peer Support Specialist

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The Police Officer


The First Responder Spouse

Mike - The Police Officer

The 10-year police veteran struggling with PTSD and  the stigma that prevents many officers from getting  help.

Mike represents all of the First Responders who have heard, “its ok to ask for help” but get  the sense that it’s really not. Through Mike we learn how to ask for help and help ourselves.

Katheryn - The First Responder Spouse

The police officer’s wife. Tired of feeling concerned and working on her own well-being.

Katheryn represents spouses, partners, significant others,  parents, non-LE friends, “The Family.” Through  Katheryn and to some extent their son we will connect  with the people in the officer’s life that carry the weight.

Aaron - The Mental Health Provider

Coming Soon – The recent LCSW graduate and new counselor with no background as a First Responder. He still wants to serve is ready to learn. 

Many counselors have little or nomilitary or law enforcment exposure but have a desire to serve. Through Aaron we will begin to teach them  about law enforcement culture and the unique  challenges of counseling the profession.

Charlie - The Peer Support Specialist

Coming Soon – The Officer in Charge of Peer Support. Seen as a guru  but fighting her own battles. 

Charlie represents the members of the  profession that seem to have it all together, but truth  be told need inspiration, and guidance as much as  anyone. Through Charlie we will offer suggestions on where to go to “sharpen the sword” and improve a great peer support program.

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Online Law Enforcement Trauma and Stress (1 to 4- Hours): In this online scenario based training the learner will choose one of four avatars to follow through a live action film and make critical decisions for them along the way.

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