EP 18: Badge Brew CEO Mike Jones – Roasting Good Leaders #BT1R

by | Jun 8, 2022 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Robyn discuss with Mike Jones Police Officer and Badge Brew Roaster, the importance of finding grace in yourself, through proper processing and leadership.

Profiling The Coffee

At 22 years old and on the night shift, Mike would drink the 24-hour market coffee. Finding himself, adding more and more flavors, and sweeteners, just to get the coffee down. After starting at the Evanston police department, he started going into a local coffee house, where the owner began lining up a coffee taste test. Each time he would go into the shop, he would learn more about the process of blends, flavors, and the importance of roasting the coffee bean. Jones began to consider learning how to roast coffee beans. The process of roasting has become his way to slow down, calm down, and realize the day.

North Central College

Mike, began to go to North Central College, where the school has one of the three coffee roasting programs in the country. He has helped put on seminars for the students, along with getting to use the school’s roaster to help roast his beans. 

Conversation Over Coffee as a Morale Booster

Mood can affect the roast. If you bring the stress of the day into the roasting machine, the beans can become bitter, and not have the bold rich taste that is intended. Imagine, taking a moment, slowing your breath, calming your soul, and balancing your mind before you begin to make that coffee. Old beans that are forgotten in the roaster become mixed with the new layer of beans causing it to become difficult to get rid of the forgotten beans. Over time, not processing the events of your day, begin to fill up and mix together. Eventually the bitterness of your job, stress, family, and life begin to take over. Badge Brew has created a coffee that first responders can be proud of. Sitting around having a conversation as you sip the rich, warm, blend of coffee is a morale booster.

Asking For Help

When you reach the point of asking for help, it is already too late in the game according to Mike. As many first responders and their families know, the job becomes so demanding, that hobbies become non-existent.

Roasting Good Leaders

In today’s first responder world some leaders find it hard to think outside the coffee bean. If it has worked for the past 30 years, then why change it. This thinking has caused Evanston PD to think differently starting from the bottom up. Leaders aren’t born, they are raised. As the younger officers sign on, the process of teaching them to lead begins; one bean at a time.

Beyond the 1st Response Coffee

Badge Brew has created a coffee just for First H.E.L.P. For every bag sold, 10% of the proceeds are donated back to First H.E.L.P. Find your badge of honor online today. Check out First Response in the Collab tab.

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