EP 77: The Three C’s

by | Apr 24, 2024 | PODCAST

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy and Ciara talked about moving forward after loss and trauma.

The 3 C’s

Christy and Ciara talked about how moving forward can be so hard, but having healthy relationships with significant others and friends and family can be achieved after loss and trauma.  

They talked about how, even while using healthy tools, a relationship can still struggle in unspoken ways.

The 3 C’s are perfect examples of how to continue building and growing within your relationships effectively. How we use these can vary from relationship to relationship, but it is essential to recognize them.

Choose – How can this help you heal? How can you move forward? What can you choose to do to make healthy steps forward?

Connect – How can you connect to yourself on a deeper level? Have you avoided a deeper connection with loved ones? What can you do to help connect and understand relationships?

Communicate – This is something we all can struggle with. We shut down because it is easier to not talk about our feelings and thoughts. How about instead, we communicate those feelings? It doesn’t always have to be spoken words. Even writing them down is communicating them. You should even be communicating within yourself. It is ok to talk to yourself. It is healthy to let feelings out.

So, how can you incorporate the three Cs into your life? What can you change to grow in your relationships? 

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