EP 73: Face to Face to with the Past- Elizabeth Fiorenza

by | Mar 15, 2024 | PODCAST

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy and Ciara talked with Elizabeth Fiorenza, Anaheim Firefighters Association.   

The Past Comes Forward

  In this episode, Christy and Ciara had hard and raw talks with Elizabeth about how her past trauma came forward to a head with her relationship with Matty and how she worked through her traumas, both the past and present, to be part of the change in their marriage.

Molded and Shaped

Elizabeth shared some emotional and painful memories of her childhood and how those “molded and shaped” who she was and what she thought love and life were. The life experiences she went through, even as a child, unfortunately, taught her unhealthy coping skills, addictions, and codependency. While so many of us can resonate with it, we each have our journeys. Elizabeth talks about how her relationship with Matty started and how unhealthy they both were from the beginning, but how she truly felt she was helping him. Elizabeth talks about how she lost family members and didn’t even want to hear what anyone had to say about Matty and her relationship and all the red flags.  

The Ugly Truth

Elizabeth shared the absolute and ugly truths about her and Matty’s dysfunction and how she coped with the relationship, even as she was starting to see how unhealthy it was. They stuck through the mud and began the process of healing separately and together. 

Next Week

***Note that this is a two-part episode. With so much to talk with Elizabeth about, we decided to split it up. So please join us next week to hear the rest of our conversation about Elizabeth, her journey, and her next steps. 

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