EP 76: Blue Grit Wellness- Eric Tung

by | Apr 17, 2024 | PODCAST

In this  Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy had a profound discussion with Eric Tung, a highly respected police commander, department wellness coordinator, and peer support leader. They delved into the crucial topic of open conversations and the need to normalize processing the events that occur at work and home, a subject Eric is particularly well-versed. 

Blue Grit Wellness

Eric, has been straightforward with the need to have conversations about the effects of the job, both at work and home. Leading by example, he shares the grit of the blue on the mindset with anyone who will listen. Change has to start somewhere. Moving up the ladder from Sargent to Commander, Tung still remains in the same mindset of work-out for your body, and process for your mind. This is a hard task for any first responder, but as a leader, it needs to continue regardless of what stripe you wear. 


Raising children in a family that is exposed to traumatic events is a feat in itself. Teaching resilience, self-awareness, and how to make it normal to have feelings, is even more difficult in today’s world. Eric and his wife are taking the tools they have learned and giving them to their child every day. Healthy minds, make healthy children. 

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