EP 34: I’m good! What does that mean to you? – Jennifer Anderson

by | Feb 21, 2023 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy talks with Jennifer Anderson of First Responder Coaching candidly about her WHY in understanding the need for coaching as an option for preparing for what the job does to you and your family.

How We Met

Jennifer and Kevin met in college, she was attending for an education degree. He was going for his criminal justice degree, they fell in love, got married, and life began. The local police department hired Kevin, and one of the first things the Chief did was call and interview Jennifer. The Chief wanted to make sure she understood the toll of the job. Fast forward 10 years, two children, and many days on the job later. Kevin started changing.

Mental Break

Anderson saw things changing, but couldn’t understand what it was. Kevin became distant, separating himself emotionally, except for being a father. Finally, it happened, Kevin needed help. After 15 years as a police officer, countless overtime, traumatic calls, and no support from the department, he could no longer stay on duty and retired out medically. 

First Responder Coaching

A traumatic life-changing event turned into passion and understanding. They found an eagerness to coach first responders and their families, to help prepare for what life as a first responder.

First Responder Coaching savings marriage’s, lives, and provides support and tools to balance life’s ups and downs.

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