EP 40 Dwayne English – From Cop to Couch

by | Apr 26, 2023 | PODCAST

EP 40: Dwayne English – From Cop to Couch

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy talks with Sgt. Dwayne English of Joliet Police Department IL, about how being a cop has made him a better counselor.

Dream Cop

Since the age of six, Dwayne had wanted to become a cop. Living his dream, he saw the stress of being a first responder both in the community and at home. Achieving a bachelors degree in psychology, he has worked hard to bring mental wellness into the department on all levels. 

Blue H.E.L.P.

Discovering the social media presence of Blue H.E.L.P. and the conversations they were starting online, Dwayne reached out and asked how he can help. Dwayne and his son Cole, have helped put together the honor boxes for the police departments that lost an officer to suicide for years now as well as reaching out to a liaison of the departments to let them know, they are not alone. 

Masters Degree

Retirement is not something that is easy on the mind, especially when you have gifts and lessons, that you can share to help others. Dwayne has spent the last three years in school, while still working on the job, to become a licensed counselor. Now, nearing the end, of school, he doing his internship and seeing patients at Aspyre Wellness

Plan for Retirement

He has been dreaming of doing nothing but fishing, biking, or just sitting on the couch. In reality, you spend 25-plus years on the job constantly caring for your communities, your families, etc., but you have to have a plan to fill your time. Dwayne is planning to continue to help others, with the gift of therapy. What is your plan? 

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