EP 48: Harry Fagel- The Route You Choose

by | Jul 5, 2023 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Ciara talk with retired Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Captain Harry Fagel.

The Poet Retired LVMPD Captain

They spoke with Harry about his trauma’s and how he has handled them through the years. How he has written poetry as his release and to help him through his hard times. That it is his healthy outlet and how important it is to him, even years later still writing and performing his poetry. They spoke on the poem he wrote and performed after the October 1 mass shooting at the Route 91 Festival in Las Vegas. 

Why Therapy

How Harry is too, speaking out for the mental health of officers, and how he has had to bury too many friends to suicide. Harry speaks in depth about how therapy and acknowledging “it’s ok to not be ok” has helped him, that it is hard work but well worth all that you put in to do the work. Thank you Harry for sharing your journey and helping to fight the mental health fight within our departments!

Every night out in the Vegas bake

Cop for 25 years out here

Sucking it up

Blowing it out

Keeping it cool

Risking it all

Front seat witness to death in all its inglorious;

Suicide, homicide, abuse, neglect

  • Piece from Harry’s poem “Attention Reinvention”

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