EP 49: When Family Speaks

by | Jul 12, 2023 | PODCAST

EP 49: When Family Speaks

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Ciara talk with a family member about the fight to save her family, while trying to get help for her former spouse.


 We are using the name Jody, to protect the family as they are still going through this situation. The strength it takes to speak up and fight to be heard is admirable.


Jody has been trying to get her husband helped for years after PTSD had gotten so bad, that he is now living on the lamb. The unfortunate situation has caused not only the family to break apart, but for her to live looking over her shoulder, wondering where he is. 


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, can happen to anyone and anytime. However, as compounded trauma continues to pile up, there comes a breaking point. Often when left untreated, causes a person to change and hallucinate, and lose all sight of reality. For a first responder, this becomes job ended when the departments turn a blind eye. 


Treatment can help heal PTSD. There are many facilities and Doctors that will help first responders heal. Ask your EAP, or your doctor, or talk with your peer support. 

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