EP 55: From The Mouth Of A Child

by | Sep 13, 2023 | PODCAST

In this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Christy and Ciara talk with Leslie Maginn, daughter of J. Daniel Maginn EOW 7/9/93.

We had the hard talks with Leslie about how being a child of a police officer who died by suicide has affected her life and the trickle of effects of not dealing with the trauma. Much like how our first responders deal with trauma, Leslie did so too. We had deep talks of her dark places and how she too avoided dealing with the grief, even as a young child. 

As a young child she refused to grieve and learned many avoidance behaviors so she didn’t have to face her grief. She dove head first into things that satisfied her and when it didn’t anymore she picked up something else. Or moved. Or just plain quit. 

These behaviors followed her into adulthood where then it became things that were not just only unhealthy mentally but physically too. Until she too thought it wasn’t really worth it anymore, and who cares about the future.

The Hard- Work 

Just as she had thought she was done with everything, a corner turned and she tried counseling. That partnered with facing her grief, owning it, and getting some closure; Leslie came out of her 20+ year long pain and became part of something amazing. She continues to do the hard work at getting healthy and finding herself again. 

She along with her co-founder started Foundation 1010. They are striving to help first responders and their families. The ideas Leslie shared with us are quite amazing and definitely can have such a positive impact on the families within their community! 

Keep pushing forward Leslie, we are here for you, to listen and watch you and the foundation grow!

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