EP 63: Are you Stepping Over Your Bar?

by | Dec 14, 2023 | PODCAST

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy and Ciara talk about how setting your “bar high” can help you be mentally and physically healthier. 

Are you stepping over your bar?

Christy and Ciara talked openly about how changing the “height” of your bar can positively affect your life. So many times in life we find ourselves settling out of our comfort and maybe even fear. But how does that negatively affect your professional and personal life? More often than not, we set our professional standards and goals higher than we do our personal goals when we should be keeping them at the same level. 

Lowering the bar we set in our lives allows others the space to use us as a doormat and disrupt the healthy paths we want to take. 

Guide on Setting Your Goals Higher

When it comes to setting goals, it will vary from person to person, job to job, etc. But learning a few tips that you can take and use personally and professionally will help you raise your bar. Often, it feels like we excel at one place in our life but seldom does it feel like it is balanced on both ends. 

Play to your strengths, if time management is a skill that you rock, use it, to your advantage. Finding time to take deep breaths and breaks during the time management skill, will help deescalate the stress of feeling that you are failing. Stop going down the what-if hole of the small stuff. Small stuff only becomes big when we don’t take to time to look at the big picture and process. If you are good at doing this at work but not at home, evaluate what you are doing differently at work than at home. One of the best tools, to have with you at all times, learn from peers, friends, and family. Yes, everyone is different. But you can tune that skill, to your situation, and find the balance and success, on both sides of the job. 

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