EP 69: The Calling of the Chaplain

by | Feb 7, 2024 | PODCAST

In this Beyond the 1st Response episode, Christy and Ciara enjoyed talking to Chaplain Chaz Blackburn, a Nevada chaplain who advocates for First Responders and their family’s mental wellness.

Being a Chaplain 

According to Chaz, being a Chaplain has done more for him personally than it has done for our community. He states this because, as he is raising his daughter, he has been able to take some of the tools he has learned and use them not only to decompress but also to teach her how to express her emotions healthily. Grief is something that everyone experiences, even children. Navigating what causes grief and what tools to use has helped. When his daughter lost her hedge to cancer, she had the tools that gave her the ability to work through the loss. 

Chaz speaks openly about being a chaplain and what trials and tribulations come, including sadness and trauma. He talked about how they serve their first responders in their community, along with how they serve each other after traumatic experiences and calls, so they, too, can decompress and not compound their emotions. 

Great Basin Chaplain Corp

Great Basin Chaplain Corp is where Chaz found his calling, serving as a Chaplain and wanting to help make a difference in his community through compassion, speaking out, and serving, with his undeniable calling to help others during difficult times.   Unfortunately, there is a need for more chaplains. Whether a civilian or first responder, chaplains are as needed as first responders, and the shortages are real. 

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