EP 9: Ernie Stevens – Breathing Again #BT1R

by | Feb 23, 2022 | PODCAST

On this episode of Beyond the 1st Response Robyn and Christy discuss the acronym G.E.B.Y. with Ernie Stevens from Crisis Cops. G.E.B.Y. is a mindfulness practice that helps first responders transition after retirement.

Ernie Stevens is one of the now retired San Antonio police officers taking part in the documentary Crisis Cops. Try to imagine if you will, two officers trying something different; plain-clothed and going on calls when community members are under mental stress. That’s exactly what Ernie and his partner Joe did when they saw a need for change regarding how the community viewed police officers. Ernie and Joe are open about their struggles and continue to speak out making change everywhere they go.  

Now retired, Ernie purchased an RV and spends meaningful time with his family. You can imagine how hard it was to find a way to unwind as a civilian because remember, once you retire you leave the job, but the job never leaves you. So, he packs up the RV (of which he has never owned before) and sets out for adventure. Once he pulls into a campground, gets out the chairs and sits under the stars he is able to breathe. For the first time, Ernie’s wife saw him take a deep breath and exhale. 

G.E.B.Y. : Gratitude, Exercise, Breakfast, and You

G: Gratitude; take a moment in the morning or before shift and journal about gratitude. For Ernie, one of those moments was his wife, experiencing a moment of him breathing peacefully for the first time. 

E: Exercise; whatever that means to you, the gym, the weights, hiking, make it yours, even for a short moment can change your mood. 

B: Breakfast; food, eat to heal your body and mind, healthy food each day before shift, well at least once a day, shoot for the moon, try eating healthy all the time. 

Y: You; this one is the most important, so don’t be fooled that it is last. As you through the vest on, the helmet on, the stethoscope , or the headset on. You are the most important part of your day. Taking time to take care of you, is the number one reason to G.E.B.Y. everyday.  

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