EP 11: Nate Fisher – Firearm Malfunction #BT1R

by | Mar 9, 2022 | PODCAST

Rolling Up on the Scene

On this episode of Beyond the 1st Response, Robyn and Christy discuss what surviving a suicide attempt taught Nate Fisher, a retired police officer, active U.S National Guardsmen, and host of Surviving the Streets.

Nate’s childhood dream was to be a police officer and when that was achieved, he felt he had everything. His career spanned titles like Tactical Airman, SWAT, and servicing the streets of Houston TX. Inevitably, the work began to take its toll on his personal life. An effort to make some changes in hopes of saving his marriage was futile…the job had worn him down. Nate was about to hit his breaking point and then an accident that took the life of his partner changed his world forever.

Rolling Up on the Scene

Nate was the first officer on scene to find his partner stuck in his squad car. As he stood up to radio it in, he felt what he thought was his partner’s pulse but quickly realized the pulse he felt was his own. The overwhelming guilt of feeling that he, as a trained officer, should not have made that kind of mistake became too much for him to bear. Putting his Glock to his head as his son slept in an upstairs room and his wife watching, Nate pulled the trigger. The gun malfunctioned. Glocks never malfunction. He tried again, and nothing. 


Nate currently uses equine therapy and is passionate about touting its benefits along with current partner Sharon. Hanging out on her farm he easily discovered the healing power of horses and advocates this method as another tool first responders can utilize to work their way back from the grips of PTSD. 

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